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Diary Is My Life! ™
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Be Part of the Daring Adventures Of My Life!

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March 17th 2011

Check out the new 'Music and Episodes' clicky button in the top! This all shows what's my taste in music and the newest episodes I love to watch the most. As I say, Music Is My Life!

March 18th 2011

Check out the development of my website. I hope you like how it was presented and the newest logos signed on every webpage. Please continue supporting my website and for further FAQs and opinions, please leave your contact details under the 'Contacts' menu and we'll send you the answer to your questions and opinions right away!


March 20th 2011

Okay, I hope you just see the lastest post below and that's the news for this day. There's no any other news to share but, I hope you will like the link below!


March 21st 2011

Please check this cool website to read mangas shown on TV! It's called 'Mangafox' and it got the newest manga series ever shown in the history! You can read anything, anywhere and any time you want! I got pretty hooked in this manga comics called 'Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!' and it was really shown in our television, so I got pretty much time watching it rather than reading it online! 


March 24th 2011

Wanna know what's hot and what's cool today? I've just created other options to click-on! We've got the About and the Contact Us posted!


March 25th 2011

Thank God It's Friday today! There's something gonna happen around tomorrow.


March 26th 2011

Well, there's not yet sign for what I've been looking for yesterday 'til now. Huh, I can't take my last breath anymore about worrying that thing to happen!


April 1st 2011

April Fools Day everyone! This day, what's new is we had a class swimming and I got paid off! We got everything packed up. So, for about 9:30 AM, we're supposed to be there. So, for more details about here, please check our blog!


April 2nd 2011

Finding out what's new today? Well, you got be kidding! Haven't you seen those cool widgets in every page you go? That's cool, isn't it? We have loads of cool widgets all around our website to arouse you more even better than yesterday! So, we hope you like those hot widgets and remember, no site have this cool stuff like this!


April 3rd 2011

Nothing's new for today 'cause the widgets are still on the top! They're the coolest!


April 6th 2011

Sorry I forgot to edit my website again. I was just busy this days. I just made an official music video for our class and it worked pretty good. I had posted it on Facebook and I decided to put the video in my Official website, too. 


April 08th 2011

Here's the coolest poster-making website I've ever seen in my whole life! Please check out this one: www.Glogster.com


April 09th 2011

What's new? Here, the newest site I found: Wattpad.com! It got everything a reading guy wish for! From humor to horror! From romance to finance! You name it! Don't forget to read and rate my work! It's called "The Dummy". Please search that one out!


April 11th 2011

So, here's the coolest thing happened today! I had Phineas and Ferb episodes downloaded in a single click! It was awesome and besides, the videos are on high definition (HD) so better watch it right now!


April 13th 2011

What's new? Well, let me give you a good advice. Bored of those plain white Google homepage? Not now! Check out iGoogle homepage! Customize it, add stuff to it and make it your homepage whenever you click your Google Chrome browser! No registration, no sign-ups, no payments, no ads, COMPLETELY FREE! it's new, right?


April 17th 2011

I apologize again for my poor attendace for about 4 days straight. Here's the reasons: I'm busy writing my first novel for Wattpad those days! And second, I'm saving my time for downloading Phineas and Ferb episodes since my brother put a limit in my internet use and become three hours. That made me sick. So, for more details about this, Please check my blog! Thanks Guys!


August 27, 2011

Hello everyone! And I got something for writers and readers. I am a book cover designer! Please request if you want some! Here is the official website: http://www.mendezcoversarchive.tk/


And please check out my cool stories and poems! Just go to: http://www.wattpad.com/user/PatrickAlfredMendez


November 12, 2011

Hello people! Just posted another blog post! And by the way, I just created a diary thing, the difference only is it's a girl's diary and it's a book. So enjoy!


Thanks everyone and to your lovely comments!


November 28, 2011

Oh my goodness! Two days left 'til my birthday! Sadly, my mother refuses to buy me I Am Number Four because having the price of PHP 395.oo (about US 9.13) is too pricey for her.

So, depressed. 

But YAY! My brother saved the day! He volunteered to buy me the book! *scoffs* As if he was rich! But hey, I still have the chance to get the book, right? Thanks to my brother! 


November 30, 2011

It's my birthday today! How awesome is it when you got all your book requests from your relatives and family members at all the same (as in, same) time? Coolio! 


December 04, 2011

Hello people! I have a new book called The Haunted, written by Kellen Merle, which means it is the name me and Ressa, my co-writer, use so it will not be too confusing. Hope you enjoy it! http://www.wattpad.com/2518180-the-haunted-a-mystery-prologue-strange


December 16, 2011

It's Friday and it's two days before our Christmas party! 


December 19, 2011

Today is our christmas party! I just received a book as a present! So, today, I added special features in the website! Check it out like the Featured Video of the Day below!


March 10, 2012

Graduation is already near. How will you end your school year and meet refreshing summer? Send it to my email (funsocietyofficial@yahoo.com) and I will feature the best, funniest, or wisest message I received. Want to know more? Check out my first Official Theatre Play Day in my blogs!


April 3, 2012

Belated April Fools everybody! I was actually thinking of making Wattpad's unofficial newspaper again. Well, I'm gonna think about it!


May 14, 2012

I just updated today! Aren't you excited? And I am officially a fan now of Sam Tsui! Never heard of him? Then you're out-of-date. Look at him in YouTube! As for TWT, we're now starting on reviving it!


June 24, 2012

WOW. The gap between my last update in the News Feed and today's update is very big. 

Anyway, I just updated and added more poems of mine under the Poetry section above! Go check it now! And I have updated again for the last few days--just as I have promised!

Featured Video of the Day

Here's a song by Maroon 5, 'Payphone'! It's very awesome and my classmates usually partner it with beatbox. I hope you like it and so sorry for the long sleep! :D





The Mixture of Emotions

July 28, 2012


*uses hands as shield as I take one step after another* 


Stop. Okay, I'm confused. Where's the tomatoes? 


So sorry for not updating much these weeks. The reason is just as simple as it is: Time. I have no enough time to just put this article writing in my schedule for there are so many things happening at once. 


Pause. What's those, you ask? Well, that's our discussion for today. First, I was accepted in the Burning Bush publication! If you will ask, it's the newspaper organization responsible for the news and all in our school. I became a features editor (even though I am not good in editing itself) but I think I have focused more on my writing side and my intense jealousy to the photojournalists that I have written a letter to permit me to bring a camera too for the "said article" and even joined them to take photos also for the festival last week instead of my original job. Oh yes. Too much to digest, eh?


The second thing is that because of me bringing the camera last week, of course I have used it also for my personal use (which is certainly not stated in the letter) I'm still bringing the camera until now even though the date stated had already passed! Good thing I am a part of the publication that whenever a teacher or a student asks me why I am bringing a gadget, I am simply stating it's needed for the newspaper. (Of course, I am still trying to hide it at the possibility that one of the staff of the Burning Bush or some person who has knowledge that my camera is long since overdue pass by and that's really the end of it)


Moving on. So, as you can see, I became a part of this all-girl group called Mariannes. Since I joined them, the group name has been changed to Marianneic, adding just a short two-letter part of my name as credit. Marianneic basically consists of four girls who are also the outcasts which is the reason why I joined the team, contrary to the idea of socializing with all girls.


They have this plan of making T-shirts and ballers for the group so we will be "showy" or something like "Hey look! Those guys are wearing the same thing. Maybe they're group. What's that? Oh, they're called Marianneics. With a boy." Which is a bad thing. Even though they added -ic at the end, it still looks girlish which is worse than being seen in the public with girls. I opened this problem up to them and kept on insisting to change the name but we came out empty. 


The next big thing on the list-to-do is to go to a mall to go shopping! And when I say mall, I mean a faraway mall and way bigger than the local center (Yes, I thought it was a mall until I saw the name but I call it as a mall nonetheless) with actual stores and departments such building should have. We are planning to go there by December so we can save enough money for the trip. And yet, that month feels so far and unreachable by hand and I am afraid it might not come true to life. But as the saying goes, if you want something, they are plenty of ways. If you don't want something, they are plenty of reasons.


Another plan they have put into action was the Go-to-McDonalds-Every-Friday plan. Every Friday, we are going to McDonalds to eat together and spend the time shopping or simply looking around at the mall just because it's the last day of the week. I'm pretty thrilled with that idea, of course. Away from home, boredom and school, with your friends shopping and doing embarassing yet fun and memorable moments in the mall without consciousness about the time and the people around you, who wouldn't like it?


But even though last Friday was uber-fun and we kept on laughing and taking each other's embarassing stolen pictures at the end of the stroll, the night that I was expecting to be just a normal night became a tiring one. 


I was supposed to be in my soft and cold bed, hugging a pillow between my legs, tucked in a blanket with the lights off drifting to a peaceful dream, but no, I was there inside a white car trying to get sleep even though the rest of my family members were busy getting their important things with them and my Oh so innocent nieces were playing beside me and crying and shouting. Yes, that's a very good description of two angels.


Woah. What happened?


You see, my mother texted one of the members of Marianneic telling me to go home already because the water was already high and the rain showed no sign of ending. In short, there was flood. Flood. Oh my gosh! I left as soon as I read the text and ran through the heavy rain with only my jacket (which didn't help) as my protection. Or not protection because it didn't give me protection at all. I was soaking wet when I arrived at my house and the water in the dike was high enough to tell me it's time to evacuate.


The first location we have came up with was the mall. That's exactly where I want to evacuate to! Who in their right mind would refuse to go there? For me, mall is like the most important thing in life, second only is oxygen. (Lol)


But of course, it didn't happen. My Oh-so-wonderful mother said she just want to park the car near the dike so we can track the water. Or in her language, she's too tired to go anywhere. Great, Mom. What a wonderful decision that could save millions of friggin' lives. So long story short, the water didn't rise enough to frighten my whole family and drove us away to my dreamland. 


Sometimes, you cannot have anything you want so be contented at what you have. At this moment, I really hate the person who made that ugly-yet-true quote.


After the flood scene, this is my great news: I received a Kindle! Freaking Kindle! My sister from London gave it for me because of my obsession with books (I even dreamed of living inside a bookstore or buying all the books I see!) so I was that excited when my mother, who just came from London to visit my sister, handed it to me. I think my hands is so not worthy to have this kind of gadget that moment. Of course, I remained my composure and tried to be humble and just smiled to people but deep inside, I was jumping up and down to Cloud 9.


When I first showed it to my friends (Of course, you want to spread the 'good news'), they were joking about how big the screen is but is not touch screen. Of course, they thought it was. I told them it's like an IPad Tablet but I think they totally assumed it is an IPad Tablet. I sometimes wonder if they have brain cells. 


I have tried my new Kindle two weeks back and look what that gadget have done to me: an obsessed Hunger Games lover. It's like the best book I have read in the world, except for Diary of A Wimpy Kid series and I Am Number Four of course. I have even rented the movie so I can watch it and next to my list is the mockingjay pin and the whole set for I have only read the first book. I wonder why I didn't read this cool book at my first stage of life.


And here comes the time. If there is great news, there is bad news. My other sister and her whole family moved in to our house because their house is under construction for a second floor. Unlike my sister in London, this other sister is like the mixed version of the Evil Stepmother and Cruella de Vil. If you did something (or at least to her), she'll just rant and if you try to explain, she'll turn it to physical. And that's where her two daughters got their attitude too. Like mother, like daughter.


And now I feel like I was under control. The house's atmosphere became something...governed. Strict. There are time limits, rules to follow, recommendations and such changes that never made sense to me. 


My days have different emotions involved. You, how are you today? Are you happy? Excited about something? Nervous for having a problem? Angry you want to punch the person next to you? Do you feel like you want to fly free? Tell me!





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Consummatum Est

June 30, 3012


It was done. Over. Finished. I am over the girl I have loved the longest because I think it is just because of her beauty and kindness and I feel no connection when I am with her; like I was forcing myself to love her. 


But I can't. 


It's just one of the high school experiences; we are still young and enjoy our last childhood days. High school life is ridiculous. Here enters the pressures, the snobby girls, the mean teachers and especially the relationships. But we know it will last; a one time part of your life.


But I have found a new girl I like. She transferred to our school and the first time my eyes laid eyes on her, I know she's the One. I like the way she laughs. I like the way she acts. I like everything about her. 


But I hate seeing her cry. It was as if we are combined that if one gets hurt, I am also hurt. And it was fate that brought us together. 


I am looking forward on seeing her on Monday just to see her face and see if she's okay. And here's our little secret, eh? I'll be giving her maybe flowers or something -- but don't worry, I am not the one who hurted her. 


Anyway, besides from my newfound attraction, are you still up for my challenge at my last post? (maybe?) It's about, I will be posting some set of paragraphs which can be vague, puzzling or metaphoric and you try to guess how my day is when I posted it. Game?




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The One Year of Torture

June 19, 2012


On the second week of torture, my teacher said to me: 

"Read this called short story!"


Oh there you are! I'm just entertaining myself with this song "One Year of Torture"! What's the relation with the topic today, you ask? That two lines said it all, the second week of school was a blast! 


Today, the new Filipino teacher asked us to read this story with about ten pages or so which she calls a 'short story'. Yeah, right.


I have noticed also that many hates her for some reasons. Maybe it's the voice, the teaching, the system, I can't tell. And it's really hard if you're in my situation. Since I know the teacher, I don't kind of want to hear them say something rude about her even though we're not related, we're not close and even though she's kind and all, we haven't talk yet to each other or do the usual stuff best friends do. And besides, there's still the problem with her voice, her execution to the class, her system and her teaching so I might call ourselves "acquaitances" or "strangers", whatever you prefer.


And in connection with the "short story", this is going to be short only because you don't want to hear stupid and unimportant details I have purposely left for your own safety and the safety of the whole humankind, right? Which leaves a question: What do you think? Should I hate her or should I don't? Should I judge the book by its cover or judge the book by what is obvious? Comment below!


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Blog Idea!

June 15, 2012


It's been awhile now since I last posted and some of you want me to update for about three days in a week. What's my answer, you say? It's a Yes. *Looks at the two judges sitting by my side*


Bald man says Yes.

There is silence, waiting for blondie. Then: "Yes."

You're going to Hollywood! 


Okay, where are we? Oh yes, the update. Well, the first week of school is finally done and nothing much happened. The first day of school is something. When I went to have a shower that morning, I didn't notice there was a dead cockroach clinging at the scrub I was actually using that moment. That is the reason why I felt like I was scratching myself! After that, I swear I'll never use that scrub ever again.


Another problem is that the teacher kept on reminding me to have a haircut or else she'll be the one to cut it horribly with a pair of scissors. The image was too much to handle that whenever the Prefect of Discipline passed by, I tried my best to be inconspicuous and out of the line of his vision. What's so wrong with my hair? And I would like to experience having bangs too like Koreans!


The school is still the same, same crush, same boredom. But the rules seemed to increase in number and the school is getting stricter and stricter over the years. Good idea, bad idea? I'll go for bad idea from the point of view of a student. Fun and discipline should be balance because too much discipline makes a student grow with the behaviour the society wants but has no idea of how having fun is. Being carefree. Be a child as long as possible, because we are growing up fast. We will be adult sooner or later whose life focuses on things that have sense, that have reason or a valid meaning.


Speaking of school, my older brother's wife's friend is our new Filipino teacher. Her name is Annabel, and even though it was expected, I was still surprised to see she was the new teacher my classmates were talking about. She looked strange when she is wearing our school uniform, her usual cascading hair became short and is tied in a ponytail. The next strange thing is: her voice and her teaching.


When she spoke that first day of school, her voice was unbelievably small and she kept on saying "Uhm" in her sentences which made me believe it was her first time teaching and is still inexperienced. And this also affected her teaching. 


I am not judgmental and her teaching is fine but she is perfect for the pre-school. Last year, our teacher was Tr. Cruzzette and at first glance, you'll think she's too strict and serious. But when you get to know her, you'll get along. Her teaching, compared to Tr. Annabel's, is much matured and she treats us like what we are: high school students. She speaks in pure Filipino and uses deep words. Her sentences are straight and she surely knows what she is doing. But whatever they choose, I'll be sticking with our current teacher for this year because the important thing here is that I'll learn something from her. 


Anyway, I have noticed that my grammar is improving and that is good news. When I started this blog site, it  was horrible that it could be compared to a scary film. Since I want to take Journalism as my course and make my knowledge in English deeper, I would like to make my spelling (which I don't have a problem) and grammar as perfect as possible. Still, sorry if my grammar in my other posts was incorrect. All of my updates are unedited and I shall try my best to edit it.


Oh and for this blog post's main topic, I have a blog idea I hope everyone will like! So, I'll be posting a set of paragraphs in a story form which is what happened that day I posted it. It can be written metaphorically too so it's kind of tricky! Let's take an excerpt from my essay The Wind Blows as an example:


'The wind blows. It comes rushing through my open window, and whispers gently into my ears. It whirls and dances around, as if wanting me to play with it. But it grows stronger. Fierce. Ominous. It becomes harsh and pushes me to a path of uncertainty and danger. Everything goes black, and only the lightning illuminates the whole world. The rain keeps pouring against the wet pavement, the sound of every drop echoing.

The storm continues. It hurls violently, swallowing things I love the most in its way. The precious things I value, valuables I consider as my only treasure—gone, like a breeze caught up in the middle of the storm. When will the storm end? When will the sun come up again? There’s no certain answer for that, no certain solution but the only thing I know for now is to sit in the dark where loneliness envelops me in its arms until the first rays of the morning sun touch my skin, that the crepuscular menacing clouds have cleared in the sky and a new day will be beaming to me. But I am afraid that I will find the most important part of me than the rest of what I have, destroyed into a million pieces like a shattered glass—my own life.'


If you want to see the whole version of The Wind Blows, just say so and I'll be posting it here!


Like my idea? Comment below and thanks for promoting this site! Stay tuned for more updates! (There will be a follow-up for this)


Patrick Mendez

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Exhaustion's The Right Word

May 17, 2012

I was fully worn out today—or tonight—and all my limbs and thighs and everything were all aching. My head was spinning at the slightest, but I still have enough energy to write a journal entry just for you! Let me start now or else you’ll be sleeping much early than I expected.


Well, my sister just came back from London all fuming about the rubbish jewelleries my mother just sent there to sell that I almost expected she would be throwing it on our faces. I must admit, they were totally rubbish that throwing it on our faces was not enough to describe it. I think the trash can is more suitable place.


You see, my sister went to abroad to earn more money for my tuition fees, bills and stuff. At first, her life as a caregiver was enough to supply herself. But when her husband followed her in England, she needed to supply the two of them. Her husband got a job after an excruciating search, and my sister found out being a caregiver was not enough. So, long story short, she decided to build a little business there selling cheap jewelleries here in Philippines.


So today, she announced we—me, my parents and my sister—would be going to Divisoria to exchange those jewelleries with much better ones. She said she hired a driver for today to drive us. Divisoria is like an EBay place where you can buy cheap things whose residents are mostly Chinese—just not online but in reality. I didn’t know why I said “Yes”. Maybe it’s the fact I would be alone in the house or I just wanted to get out of it since summer was so boring because camping inside your own house was not actually my plan on spending my available days. I should be using the laptop at the time I step foot inside the car. Why do I hate that horrible place, you ask?


Well, it was pretty crowded with two different nationalities and going through an experience where you need to go through them the whole day is not my thing. We were moving from place to place and all you could see were malls (or as what they said even though the description of a building being a mall is too far from that kind) filled with booths selling jewelleries. My sister kept on moving from here and there and I couldn’t keep track of her footsteps. It made me nauseous and after raiding all three malls like we were bodyguards or something in there, we went inside a car that made me even more nauseous. Good thing the air conditioner was broken or else it will make things worse.


When the darkness fell, we were finally out in the open air, away from the usual crowds, the lingering of the foreign language gone. We passed through this little market place where women of different kinds sell clothes and bags since start of school is approaching. When my sister stopped and asked, “Do you have a bag already?”, the horrible experience came back to me. Right there at that moment.


In the middle of my sixth grade year, my bag broke and since my mother had no time to go to at least the nearest market, she dug into our ancient cabinet and found my stroller bag I used in my first-grade. Let me tell you, it was embarrassing. It looked like a bag glued on a plastic handle like a small luggage bag (just the worst version) with two red plastic controllers that you need to push down if you want to lock it and lift them again if you want to walk the stroller. It was pretty fragile anyway. It turned out it was broken too and my books and all my stuff inside the bag came falling down when I was about to go down from the third floor to go home one day. That was all I needed to have all the people in the hallway look at me. 


Anyway, when we finally made it to the parking lot in this building they called “Parking Tower” and into the car, we drove to eat first in this little restaurant serving Chinese food like pancit. We have discussed there about business matters that was too foreign for me to understand. Don't blame me, I'm still a kid! After that, we finally called it a day. There were many small details I left out because I know it’s unimportant because I know you won’t have any benefits or something if I told you too, right? What a day.


Have you ever been in a long, exhausting trip? Tell me your experience! It’s good to know you’re not that only one person in the world. 


I'll be adding very small details at some time. I think it's not enough yet.


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